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Our Life and Other Stuff

We are a family of seven. My husband and I have been married for 26 years, sharing the house with three of the children, two dogs and a cat. Things are changing as children leave home and we're kind of excited about the next step of the journey.

Saturday Morning Musings

I'm a 40 something working mum with 2 gorgeous boys (well they're men now but they will always be boys to me) and an equally gorgeous husband who loves and supports  me unconditionally (even if he silently thinks I'm a little nuts). I have many interest including craft, reading, cooking, being frugal and making my house a home. I hope you enjoy my blog.

A Frugal Life Down Under

I'm a 40ish Mum (Jane)of an almost 9 year old girl (TootToot). I have been married to the same wonderful man (Guitar Man) for so long I can't count the years on my hands and feet. 
I am on a journey to an increasingly thrifty lifestyle. Thank goodness my family are happy to journey with me.
So, shall we journey together you and I?


Mad Money- strange ways to earn cash

A review, based on my experiences of various ways to make cash besides doing fulltime work. Includes feedback on various market research companies and any scam companies I find or hear of. 
Comments welcome.


Our Journey with Hemihypertrophy

I live in Western Australia with my children Logan and Abby. 
Abby has a rare medical condition called hemihypertrophy, also known as hemihyperplaysia. 

When we first found out about her condition I searched the Internet for hours but couldn't find many personal stories. I have started this blog to inform other sufferers and/or parents about what we are going through with Abby and how her condition is affecting her and our family.


Little Eco Footprints

I live on a small urban block in Newcastle (Australia).
I once dreamed of living closer to nature; having space
to grow food; having a teeny little ecological footprint
and being part of a community. I thought that meant leaving 
the city, but now I know I can try to live that dream right here.
We don't have Little eco footprints yet - but we're having fun trying

Absurb Parents

Our household consists of a myself - N a 33yr old single mother,who is attempting to co-parent part time with 40yr old - M. There are 3 children L- a twelve year old boy who talks incessantly about football, D- a 2 year old boy who has the face of a cherub and 
the mischief of a leprechaun and S- a 9 week old who is on soy formula and to the absolute delight and hysteria of her brothers produces at opportune moments loud and noxious plumes of gas.

Jolene Ko

Most of it is the building journey 
our new house & after it's 
just random photography.
Documenting the intimate 
journey with my Pentax k20d.


Mister Kitten..

Mister Kitten.. a blog about 
everything, and nothing.. 


Simple Living

My blog is about simple living, reducing,reusing,recycling,
and rethinking crafts, recipes, tips/ideas I'd love to see you all there.
Please add your comments it makes it more exciting and I 
learn more in the process of hearing other great ideas!


My Crazy Clan!

The Musings of an Over-worked, Under-paid, 
and Over-tired SAHM!
I'm working on my first novel and hope to 
become a well known author.

Sunny Corner Farm

I live on a 40 acre farm. I have a large garden and keep Suffolk sheep, chickens, ducks, turkeys and bees. 
We try to grow as much of our own food as possible.


A Tray of Bliss

It's about finding a peaceful moment every day, 
and enjoying something beautiful on a pretty tray...
from craft, to reading, to learning a language, 
to cooking and baking.

Living The Dream

Our dream is to have our own lifestyle block, running goats, 
sheep, chickens etc, and growing our own fruit and vegetable. 
We are currently living on a 1/4 acre section and I am trying 
to develop our vege garden and fruit plants to be as self sufficient as we can be in town. I am trying to reduce our 
impact on the environment by reducing rubbish, recycling 
and providing for ourselves. 
Join us on our journey to Living our dream!

Little Miss Frugal

I am 24 and starting out at home for my family. 
I plan on doing all that I can do at home, 
while learning about saving money and ways 
to help the environment. I just love taking in 
new challenges and expanding my horizons.
The Craft Cave
Welcome to our new blog! 
No Spending in the year of 2011. We are taking the monthly challenge 
and STRETCHING it a bit further. 
The moment, we are planning the rules for the year, as year is a long time. 
People have their own unique ways of doing this, so we have to make it our own

Travelling The Road Too ....

We need to reach that happy balance of needs versus wants, 
of being mindful with our money, and knowing that if we had to, 
we could make do without an income for a long time. Which 
brings our family to travel the road to our financial freedom. 
2011 will be our No Spend Challenge Year.

The Cat's Meow

The Cat's Meow is my blog. This blog will contain postings about 
Institutional Repositories (it's a realm in which I have worked), 
IT (again, the realm in which I work), and Travel - especially Travel. 
Other topics may pop up from time to time.


Can We Do It....Yep We Can

Can We Do It....Yep We Can, suits us on a range of areas.
Can we pay off our mortgage in under 7 years?
Can I lose weight & get healthy?
Can we have kids in the next couple of years?
Can we make a go of our hobby turned business?
This blog will probably end up a random collection of thoughts
& experiences, but amongst the normal day to day questions,
they're our main 4!!

Paving The Way To A Simple Life

A journey about love, life, 
family and embracing the 
Vintage Housewife that 
lives inside me...

Over A Million Or Bust

It is the journey we are on to get ourselves out 
of over a $million of debt before we lose everything. 
Includes our daily debt total, musings from me 
(not always guaranteed to be interesting but I try) 
and savings/budget/ecological tips etc. 


Little Aussie Homestead

"A Self Sufficient-ish family of 4. With big dreams. 
Living simply, by the sea."



Mainly just the ramblings of a SAHM of 2 kiddies,
bit of savings stuff, gardening, craft, 
and renovations.


Candid Country Life

We live about half an hour east from Warwick, Queensland, Australia. 
We have our own meat (still growing with Magrita Dexter Stud) 
fruit (still growing) and veggies. We are truly on our way. 
We are getting there little step by step. 
Please join me in our journey to make a difference on our Planet...


When Time Meets Inclination

I have so many wonderful and amazing things 
I'd love to get done, if only Time met Inclination. 
Let's see how often I can get those two in the same room.


Whatever Happens.

Things that are currently happening 

In my Life!

Vanessa Paris

I tried shooting nature and landscapes and even did a real estate shoot. 
Not for me...    My love is faces. 
People and their toothy smiles and shiny eyes and love for one another. 
That's what I love.!


Debs Daily Journal

It is about my daily life, craft, sewing, 
vegetable garden, chooks etc;

Drop by and leave a comment. 


Sensible Sisters!

Welcome to Sensible Sisters!

You have come to the right 
place for recipes and home hints seasoned with humour and sage advice from two Sensible Sisters. Check back often as we dispense our unique words of wisdom to the world.

That's Serendipity!

When wonderful things happen 
in spite of ourselves ... 

That's Serendipity!


Life at number 2

I have a love of interiors, white things, the beach, nature and animals . I have lots of pets in particular my two little dogs Lilo and Astro.I have a great little life
here at number 2.



Bits out the Back

I have been busy so haven't paid much attention to the back yard today...
The Chooks were aware of my predicament & I fear have
They have been scratching dirt into a pile against the gate
which makes it hard for the girls to close properly...
Today was their day !!!

Bits around the house....
Just a few Bits 'n' Pieces from around the house & our lives....


The Wish List Has Arrived!

My Wish List

Bright Star Kids are launching a Wish List that let's you add any product that you wish for. This is a fantastic feature that will be completely finished and fine tuned very shortly. The finished version will let you share your favourite products with your family and friends. Great for getting presents that you and your kids will actually use, and it also lets your loved ones buy gifts without any hassle. A win win for everyone.
The Wish List is also great for your own records and lets you keep track of the things that you'll need to get for Back To School, birthdays and Christmas time. You can add as many things as you like into this list and when you want to purchase something simply click the Add to Cart and it will move over to your shopping cart.