This is the home of the blogroll of Members of Simple Savings. Please feel free to visit them. You won't be disappointed, many subjects are covered savings, self sufficiency, organising, crafts and cooking, to name but a few. PLEASE NOTE: This Blog does not belong to Simple Savings!!

Kiltsnquilts Creations

I am a trained kiltmaker but don't do that as a job anymore - although I miss it! I make my own clothes and own a quilting and knitting shop. Trying very hard to be mortgage free as quickly as we can but we purchased our first home after being married for 21 years as my DH was in the armed forces - so it seems like we have a long way to go! I don't blog about my SS lifestyle yet but may do later on.

My Tropical

I am in the process of setting up a website but I do not blog regularly enough. I spend too much time on the Simple Savings Forum. It is about what I am doing to try and get myself to a point where I don't have to work full time, but have income sources to help me. It is still underconstruction so google hasn't found it yet. but here it is for anyone wanting a squizzy.


The Life of Nicole Dee

The story a young girl, and her journey through life...


Bright Star Kids

Fundraising Idea's Central

This blog is a work in progress.
I am hoping to find and share fundraising idea's,
that are that little bit different.
If you know of any that I might add PLEASE let me know.
I am looking for Non Food Idea's.
Please remember to add this blog to your follow list
and check back soon! Thanks.

Helps Save You Lots Of Money!

Australian Money Saving Tips

A Sweet Scented Path

All about our journey to self sufficiency, green living etc.


All about living with a child with multiple food allergies.


Mostly about our simple lifestyle and gardening,
learning about chooks and loving where we live.


My blogs are craft related- sewing, knitting and dyeing, I started one for sewing and crafty projects and am doing the 2010 sewing challenge. I might just put it all into one but for now.


Basically I am a tutorial junkie and plan to sew as many things from free tutorials as I can this year!

My knitting and dyeing blog- mostly my knitting projects and my yarn dyeing exploits.