This is the home of the blogroll of Members of Simple Savings. Please feel free to visit them. You won't be disappointed, many subjects are covered savings, self sufficiency, organising, crafts and cooking, to name but a few. PLEASE NOTE: This Blog does not belong to Simple Savings!!

Mummyscrooge's Musings

A track of my wellness challenge 
and other random thoughts.

Miss Simplicitys

It's about my frugal student adventures,
as well as a bit of fashion, beautfy, fun,
and other bits and pieces along the way :)

Clare’s blog, aka rantspace

Comments from a clergy sexual abuse survivor on the ways in which "the church" (ie. primarily the Christian church, but with reference to other religions as well) continues to oppress women, silence abuse victims, and fail to live out its mandate of ministering to the wounded and providing justice for the oppressed.

Trish and Bob's Island Adventure

A blog of our soon to be adventures in caretaking an island for three months. This island is located in Bass Strait between Flinders Island in Tasmania and Wilson's Promentory in Victoria. It will be very simple back to basics living and we are extremely excited at the prospect of being alone for this time to reconnect with each other, our environment and wildlife.

Life's One Big Learning Curve

My blog has a focus on vegie gardening, but I touch on cooking, crafts and "green" living. I reflect on my successes and my failures with trying to live a greener lifestyle.

"Nic's Patch"

First attempt at blogging my ventures into gardening, self sufficiency, getting solar electricity & hot water
& pretty much life in general in a small country town .....


"The Token Fat Girl"

I have just started a blog to track my (hopefully) weight loss and healthier life journey
It's only new, and advice and comments are more then welcome



Mine used to be about more simple living and frugality
but I've been a bit "off track" of late!!
Trying to get more back on track though
and will be blogging it.

Toni's Simple Life - Under Renovation

About, usual everyday things.

Sometimes some craft or sewing.
Sometimes cooking. Sometimes renovations.
Also chickens and once I get it all finished later on a veggie patch.


A Dose Of Dannie

All about the ups and downs of family life.


Barbs Backyard

I have challenged myself not to buy any vegetables in 2010. Not sure how we will go, I am a bit slack with planting things so we may be going without a few things. I hate spending money, I hate throwing stuff away. I hate housework. And it all shows! But that's OK. I'm better at other things, just don't know what yet! And I want to explore WA. Travelling, camping, seeing different places. I want to climb big rocks and swim in lakes and rivers

Also: Read about my thoughts, my trials and tribulations and my
 concerns on my quest to become a sometimes
Solo Camper.

Green Ness

Its all about my journey from over consumer to wanna be greenie.
It includes topics such as saving money, saving the planet, free range parenting, recycled craft ideas etc.

In Search Of Grace.........

In Memory Of Isaac

An Angel, in the book of life,
wrote down my baby's birth.
And whispered as she closed the book
"too beautiful for earth".


Daily Dilly Dallying

Why am I here??

No I am not pondering the meaning of life!

Why blog? Well my main reason is to document the progress of our lives (as a family of 2A and 2C + 1 gorgeous horse like dog and 3 lovely chookies) to being more self sufficient, saving more money where we can, my love of cooking and trying new recipes and occasionally the other daily dilly dallyings that go on around here!

So here I am...hope I can manage to keep this thing updated!

Green Urban Farm

Our Goals:
Delve into the world of hydroponics and aquaponics.
Minimise our carbon footprint as much as possible, in the home and in the garden.
Produce 50% of the fruit and vegetables we eat.
Try to use recycled 'things' whenever we can.

Basically living the 'farm' life on a small villa size urban block :)

No Spend in 2010

Mine is about my no spend challenge this year.


Looking forward to catching up with everyone else's blogs too.

Condensing Candice

This is new to me today. I have decided to
document me and all things trying to lose
weight. become healthy etc etc etc =)

Ms Betterhome

Mine is newish, and dedicated to my journey to homeownership, via my current house and garden activities:

The Gal Who

It's about our journey to become parents and now our journey to live childfree. Warning it can be very dark at times but it is honest, raw and real.


Spongebob Mummy Pants

I've been a bit slack recently with the blog, but intend to blog more often. Just odds and ends about the kids, life etc.


Little Ramblings

It is just bits and pieces about day to day life in our family of 5, cooking, craft etc.

Dancing With Frogs

Hi all!
I've been blogging for a while now, posts of my life as a single parent of teenagers, a secondary teacher, a knitter, quilter and reader. My life may not be earth-shakingly glamorous, but it's fun...


Low Income Lady

This blog details my journey to pay off over 100 000 of mortgage debt on 3 pensions.

Creative Family Living

Hey :)
This year I'm blogging my challenges. I'm doing a feed the freezer challenge, homemade gifts challenge, saving tip per week challenge, 12 sewing challenges in 12 months, hoping to add a few more challenges as the year goes on.

THE Life and Times of An Ordinary Girl

Mines new too, so not a lot to read yet.
It's about life, and my quest to squeeze every last bit out of it, lol! It will eventually have a bit of everything: money, health, goals, motherhood, and whatever takes my fancy really.

Comes complete with bucket list, too.:-)

Snicker Doodle Creations

It is mainly 'crafty' stuff, but also has a bit about saving money and following the journey of us having our first child.

In Him

Is my ecclectic expression of life as I know it.


Miggle Masterpieces

Its my blog about all my sewing and crafting.



Mine is about my veggie garden, crochet, spinning, baking, kids, thoughts on life and my arty stuff.


This is all about my challenge to have $1,000,000 in cash and assets by the time I am 30, which is 2015. I am a SAHM and am working on ways to make money from home and investing etc...

Is about me doing everything I can to save money for a house deposit, a car, a trip to Brisbane and all of it this year.

Is about my life and things. I do craft on here, weight loss, and storage ideas as I am 2 adults 2 kids in a 1 bedroom unit. That sort of thing.

My Little Mojo

This is mine a little family,cooking,gardening
and general simple livng.


Secret Hippie

This is mine, self sufficiency and general living!

Sam and Rosie

I've just started mine as well. I opened an account last year and never used it, but this is the year I do.


El Rancho Ryan

Mine is fairly new, please come and play, though at the moment it is more ramblings about the funny things that happen in life daily ;)

I started it to write like a journal about our family finally moving towards our desired tree/sea change goal and our quest for 'utopia' (lol), but trying to live with those qualities while we are looking for our special place. Pop in for a cuppa and say Hi x


Whimsical - Digitaluscious

Recipes/arts n crafts/free printables/general musings

Free digital scrapping resources that I create.
havent added to this for a while but there is heaps there to have a nosey thru and download.

Container Gardening Amateur

Have recently started putting my Container Garden together and as an absolutely garden beginner I'm finding it useful to talk about what I'm figuring out. Very basic at the moment but hope to develop it as my garden grows.

Mumble Bumblings

Some saving stuff, goal stuff, but mostly craft stuff and hopefully a lot more due to the homemade gift challenge


The Road Named Me!

Bits about me on my eternal quest to "find myself" - it's not airy fairy - or even original - it's just ponderings on things I've heard, read, tried and realised. I hope it's somewhat interesting...


Candi's Creations

This is about the odds n ends I make and post to wardrobe re-fashion site.
Re-fashioning, Re-purposing.

This will be for all the finer things that I make, It will be linked to my etsy store... when I get there and be style etc (as opposed to fashion)

http://candyncouture.blogspot.com/ .. this is coming soon!

Precious Little Plus 2

About anything that takes my fancy or I have an opinion on, my boys, me, basically everything.