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"She meticulously organised her things.. 
colours with matching colours, similar shoes 
with similar shoes.. scarves neatly hung on a 
special scarf rack... everything all in it's place"

I love that feeling of organisation, I only entered organised wardrobe nirvana last year though.  Before that, it was a mishmash of bits and pieces and mostly a mess.  Don't get me wrong, I'm not a vacuous person, obsessed with outward appearances.. my insides are much more important to me and more developed than my preoccupation with my outsides would indicate - but I discovered last year that more than just how I look, fashion is FUN.


Amy Tries Again

Bored?  On the bus without a book?  
Smartphone-less?  Fear not.  
These are a few of my favourite things 
to think about when I am forced to sit 
and wait anywhere for an extended 
period of time.

The Radical Homemaker

I am a Domestic Artist ♥ 
Art Therapist/Teacher 
(In Training) ♥ 
Holistically Inspired ♥ Wife ♥ Mother ♥ 
Waldorf/Steiner Follower ♥ 
Organic Tofu Eating ♥ 
Frugal ♥ Permaculture Enthusiast ♥ 
Wannabe Small Business Owner ♥ 
and Hippy ♥ creating a simple and 
meaningful existence.

Independancy Bid

"Today is the beginning of the rest of my life".

Always loved that quote.  It seems so applicable to me.  

For years I looked after my two disabled children, then 
when they were finally grown, my husband got sick.  
Not that I resented any of this, but it did place limitations
on my life.  Now, my husband is gone and I am at home 
with my son for company.  I am so blessed to have two 
children who have turned into well-rounded individuals.


Scathing Weekly

A Review of Books that are in fact 
(contrary to popular belief) 
Shit box ... and other Random Rants

*Footnotes Included!